Monday, April 7, 2008

[Renegade] Jibba Jabba

So I got some friends, right? I do my thing and make my clothes and in the process I like to show off my mad skills. Yeah, mad skills!

ays, I was workin on these leather pants, and they was friggin HOT. Like, I hadn't seen such a fine ass in leather in all of SL like what I was comin up with.

Yeah imma brag on this, deal bitches.

So I see Rosie Posie Puddin Pie online and pass her what I'd got done so far and she dug em, natur
ally. Added some stripes, went thru some colors, and she liked em more. Took an everything, sportin em like a pro. She asks me "when they comin out" and I'm all like "in a week or two" and she's all like "why so long" and I'm all like "coz I got somethin else comin out now". Of course she couldn't wait and wanted to blog em now.
Who a
m I to argue with that? No one ever blogs my shit anymore so hell yeah, bring it!
I expected her to rip on them on Mean Girls but she slapped an actual positive review on The Rummage Box instead, go check it out.

Rock out with your mad skills at [Renegade]

Cause baaaby we'll the driiive the old man's Ford...

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